P.K. Soccer Academy, Recipient

Founded in 2018 by Parker Kwafo, P.K. Soccer Academy breaks the mold of traditional soccer clubs. Kwafo’s philosophy is clear: Every child deserves a chance to play on a competitive traveling soccer team. Balancing a full-time job, he dedicates his spare time to coaching these young athletes. Kwafo’s own journey from Ghana to the U.S. inspired him to start the academy. “Soccer and education are the two reasons I’m in America now. In 2006, I was recruited to play for a U.S. college and awarded athletic and academic scholarships,” Kwafo said. “I want every child who aspires to be a soccer player to experience what it’s like to be on a competitive traveling team, no matter how much talent or experience they have.”Youth soccer team and coaches huddling. Leveling the playing field P.K. Soccer Academy stands out for its affordability and inclusivity. Charging $500 per year, the program is a fraction of the cost of typical traveling clubs. “Most of our young players are often overlooked due to financial constraints or lack of experience,” Kwafo explained. “We want to give them the opportunity to develop into the best they can be. All they need is the discipline and desire to learn. We help them tap into themselves to push themselves and continuously improve.” With 70 families and three practices a week, the academy’s impact is large and growing. Promotional car magnets reinforce team spirit P.K. Soccer Academy used a one by one grant to help build a sense of community and pride among participants and their families. Promotional car magnets, purchased with the grant, are given to parents when they enroll their children. The magnets have become a symbol of the academy’s spirit. “Parents love the magnets. Everyone who gets one puts it on their car,” Kwafo noted.

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