Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre, Recipient

Picture this: It’s 1942 and the Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre has just opened its doors. One short month later, the attack on Pearl Harbor happens, and the Brauntex becomes the community’s go-to place to receive news about the war. When the war ends, the Brauntex returns to showing movies (on its one screen with 600 seats). Fast forward to the 1980s and small theaters are being replaced with large cinemas showing multiple shows in multiple rooms. Brauntex becomes a dollar movie house, and before long, it’s preparing to meet its end. The theater is nearly bulldozed, to be turned into a parking lot, until a group buys it for a mere $5,000 and turns it into a performing arts theater. Today, the Brauntex operates as a nonprofit organization that offers the community concerts, comedy nights, theater productions, movies and more. What makes the Brauntex truly special is its ArtReach program. Reaching for the stars with art ArtReach makes art accessible to all, especially at-risk youth and people with disabilities. Staff use art to help advance an array of missions, including suicide prevention and supporting people with dyslexia. Staff deliver art education in various disciplines, giving youth the chance to experience opportunities, apply to college and further themselves. ArtReach has served more than 6,000 people, from 11 local shelters, who normally don’t have regular access to art. Woman carrying a clear bag and standing in front of a stage. How promotional clear bags provide peace of mind to showgoers Watching a show in the Brauntex means many people are in a confined space. Staff understand this can create a sense of unease for members and visitors, so it wanted a way to help make people feel even more safe. Thanks to a 4imprint one by one® grant, staff was able to order promotional clear bags. “We give these bags to members and visitors so they can limit what they bring into the theater and security can easily check their bags. It makes everyone feel safer because we can clearly see what people are b ringing in,” said Delia Saucedo-Milam, development director and capital campaign coordinator. “We’re so grateful for 4imprint’s support in these efforts. Any way we can make people feel safer while experiencing art is much appreciated.”

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