Silvera for Seniors, Recipient

Not being able to afford a clean, secure home is a struggle for many—but it’s an even greater challenge for older adults on a fixed income. Silvera for Seniors works to change that. With a wide range of safe, affordable housing options, Silvera for Seniors helps independent older adults live their best life. In addition to being a reputable housing provider, Silvera for Seniors offers multiple services that provide supports for residents who call Silvera home. Even during difficult COVID-19 lockdowns, Silvera for Seniors reminds their employees and residents about the importance of kindness. Tote bag gifts are used as recognition for extra acts of kindness. Serving seniors in every possible wayWoman holding a tote bag with a logo. Affordable housing is the biggest reason older adults choose Silvera for Seniors. But it’s not the only one. A variety of fun and engaging Active Aging programs provide an option for residents to stay active and connected to one another. And the food at Silvera for Seniors has been described as award-winning. Delicious and nutritious, the meals and menus rotate with the seasons—bright and fresh for spring/summer, and hearty and comforting for fall/winter. A practical kindness reminder During COVID-19 lockdowns, Silvera found many ways to encourage and support residents. They wanted to find small ways to encourage extra kindness throughout these difficult times, as one small act can make someone’s whole day. Thanks to the Silvera for Seniors’ 4imprint one by one grant, the organization was able to order tote bag gifts imprinted with their logo and the hashtag #kindnesscounts. “We still give out the tote bags to people. When we see a resident, an employee or even a visitor doing something especially kind, we give them one. The tote bag gifts work well as in-the-moment recognition and an expression of our gratitude,” said Nadine Maillot, senior manager of donor and community engagement at Silvera for Seniors.

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