Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre, Recipient

Every day, people deal with the shock and overwhelm of receiving a cancer diagnosis. Because cancer affects everyone close to the patient, Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre offers support for them all—at every step of the journey. From support groups to wigs, all the programs and services Hearth Place offers are free of charge. Events and donor contributions provide 100% of their funds—and Hearth Place found a way to say thank you to golf fundraiser participants with branded golf towels. Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre branded golf towel with a golf course in the background.Providing hope and support Hearth Place’s mission is to “empower a community of compassionate support, knowledge, and hope for anyone impacted by cancer.” The organization carries out that mission through several support groups, including women with breast cancer, men impacted by cancer, individual support and more. People who seek Hearth Place’s help are able to connect with others who understand what they’re going through, receive tips and resources, and find a shoulder to lean on. Hearth Place even has a Pediatric Cancer Family Support Program for families of children diagnosed with cancer. Saying thank you to loyal golfers For 25 years, Hearth Place has been holding a golf tournament to help sustain its programs. With a turnout of about 120 golfers, it’s the organization’s largest fundraiser. After a few tweaks to make the event more socially distanced and relatively contactless, Hearth Place is anticipating an in-person tournament for June 2021. Thanks to a 4imprint one by one® grant, they are giving away branded golf towels. “It’s so nice to have something to say thank you to our loyal participants, some who’ve been coming since the first tournament 25 years ago. These are regular golfers who use golf towels all the time, so this is a useful gift that’ll remind them of us as they golf throughout the year,” said Senior Events Manager Shauna Cartlidge.

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