Butterfly Effect G2W, Recipient

Less than a year ago, two former teen moms decided they wanted to help support young women going through the same situation they had experienced. Serrita Sydnor and Alica Cooper set out to co-found Butterfly Effect G2W, an organization created to empower teen moms who were facing the challenges that go along with motherhood at a young age. They were so passionate about their cause that they gathered board members who were all teen moms at one time. The mission is to provide a positive light in the lives of girls and women ages 14 to 19 who are facing pregnancy, homelessness and other hardships. To get the word out to those who needed the organization’s services, Butterfly Effect G2W boosted awareness at a community event with promotional gifts for young women. As a recipient of a 4imprint one by one®grant, the organization ordered pens, water bottles, and magnets in bright pink—the Butterfly Effect G2W’s brand color—to catch the eyes of the young women in attendance. “As the word spread, we’ve had more young women turning to us for encouragement in their daily lives,” said Sydnor, co-founder and CEO. “We’ve seen our impact grow every day.”