United Way of Lethbridge South Western Alberta, Recipient

United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta is using technology giveaways to make their annual fundraisers run smoothly and get people excited to donate. United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta uses a Jersey USB Drive as a technology giveaway. Supporting the three pillars of United Way United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta raises funds for organizations that support the three pillars, which provide a strong foundation for their local community: Poverty To Possibility All That Kids Can Be Healthy People Strong Communities “They’re broad categories that a lot of different needs can fit into,” said Marketing and Communications Coordinator Connolly Tate-Mitchell, “And the programs we fund change from year to year.” During the last two years, they’ve seen an increased need for programs in the Poverty to Possibility pillar. With their broad definitions, many of United Way’s funded programs work in tandem to achieve an overarching goal of reducing and preventing poverty. One pillar supports another To help community members overcome the effects of poverty, the organization has supported two local food access programs. “One of them provides baby bundles that help parents with baby food and baby supplies,” Tate-Mitchell said. “It’s a one-year program. In addition to helping parents out that first year, before giving birth, families can also get upsized food hampers so the mothers can get proper nutrition during pregnancy.” The other program supports children and youth in school. “They feed a couple of thousand kids at local schools every day, empowering them to focus on learning.” Tate-Mitchell said. “For some, it may be the only food they eat all day.” Thanks to these programs and many others, United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta manages to support all three pillars at once, helping families in poverty, letting children be all they can be and supporting the health of their community. Technology giveaways simplify fundraisers The organization works with many local businesses that offer employees the option to use payroll deductions to make donations for United Way’s annual fundraising campaign. It’s a win-win because employees don’t need to give a lump sum—instead, the donation is divided over numerous pay periods. To entice employees to give, United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta requested Jersey USB Drives through a one by one grant. “We’re loading up the USB drives with posters, videos and other tools and ideas the businesses can use to get employees excited about the annual campaign,” Tate-Mitchell said. Coordinators will then work with the businesses each year to keep the drives updated with new material.

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