Big Reach Center of Hope, Recipient

Founded in 2004, nonprofit organization Big Reach Center of Hope was born from a vision to help low-income students and their families prepare for back-to-school. Inspired by his own financial struggles in getting his three young daughters ready to start the year, founder and director Scott Lewis wanted to help others who experienced the same need he once did. Big Reach Center of Hope began and provided clothing, personal care items and school supplies to approximately 1,400 people in its very first year.

Today, Big Reach Center of Hope helps more than 50,000 men, women and children annually with everything from basic care needs to back to school supplies to life enrichment classes. These free classes are the center's newest initiative and primarily focus on activities that aid in gaining self-sufficiency-bucket gardening, canning, couponing, budgeting and cooking, to name a few. Big Reach Center of Hope was the recipient of a one by oner from promotional products retailer 4imprintr and used the grant to purchase notebooks and pens for life enrichment class attendees. "To be able to offer this opportunity, to take notes and write down what they are learning, so they can take it outside and continue, is just awesome," said Lisa Wallace, Big Reach Center of Hope marketing and donor relations and daughter of founder Scott Lewis. "I was so excited to receive this grant-it's a very rewarding job but when someone finds merit in what you're doing and they want to reward that, it's a huge deal. It made my day."